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Success Stories

In January 2015, I joined Crossfit more as a way of socializing with new friends, rather than the purpose of exercise or wellness. Although I wanted to lose weight, Crossfit looked scary and hard, as opposed to the gym that I was regularly attending – where I could do whatever I wanted without someone pushing me harder. I went to my 6 ONRAMP classes with the attitude that I would be attending CF maybe 2 times weekly, and continue filling my other days with workouts at my other gym. After 2 weeks, I dropped my other gym, and started coming to Crossfit consistently 5 days per week. The environment was so different than anything I had ever experienced. The coaches and fellow Crossfitters were oddly supportive of me as a beginner, and all of the seasoned members acted almost like older siblings, guiding me through the new lingo and body movements, and reassuring that I would excel in no time. I can honestly say I have no desire to step foot in ‘regular’ gym again.

In a 5 month span, I have lost 33 lbs, 19 total inches, and 23% body fat. I’ve noticed an increase in energy, a higher level of drive within myself to always do better, and an ever growing passion for fitness.

Thank you Kaine and all of the coaches for consistently making me push harder, with all of this support, there is no way I will not reach my goals.


-Cali xo


Start: Jan 7, 2015

Weight: 207.5 lbs

Body fat %: 41


Current: May 27, 2015

Weight: 173.9 lbs

Body fat %: 17.9

I started CrossFit for 2 reasons, the first was to see if it would improve my bone density issues and the other was to get my sweet daughter off my back. I promised her that I would try it for a month but if I hated it, I never wanted to hear about it again. Well that was over a year ago in May and I am having a lot of fun. Also I have seen some amazing results. I have been struggling with my weight for years and got to the point that I had to put away about half of my cloths because they didn’t fit anymore. I am proud to say after only eight months I was able to get back into 98% of them. I haven’t lost a lot of weight only around 10 lbs. but I have lost 4 inches off of my hips, waist and chest. As well as a couple inches off of my thighs. I have been exercising for years but every time I would have my bone density test done it would have declined from the previous test. I had it done in January after only 8 months of Crossfit and am so excited because for the first time in years I had an increase of 8%. The only thing that I have done different is Crossfit. I am 58 years old and I cannot believe what I am capable of doing, my greatest accomplishment is my one rep max deadlift of 215lbs. Who would of ever thought that was a possibility. I have gone to gyms for over 14 years and have never seen results like this. Crossfit is like having a personal trainer, making sure that you are doing the movements correctly and improving your abilities. When I started I had to modify every thing now I have the strength to do a lot of the movements with out modifications. The Crossfit gang are a great bunch of people to work out with, they are always encouraging and supportive. Kaine has been super, he is the reason that I have come so far in such a short time. Thanks Kaine for been a great coach and Brit for been persistent in getting me to try it.


Geraldine Magotiaux

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