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Start Fresh
8 Week Fitness + Nutrition Program

Start Fresh is a blend of our fitness program and YQL's Nutrition, Nourish-U Transformation program.
This program is everything YOU need to get on the right track!


Starts October 3rd, 2022

Sign up deadline September 29th!

ONLY 5 spots available!


CrossFit workouts are challenging but worth the effort. And when you pair the unparalleled fitness stimulus of these workouts with sound nutrition, you get a program that is more transformative than anything you’ll find in any other gym anywhere. CrossFit is simply the best way to find the best version of yourself, inside the gym and out. Show up at the gym and show up for life.

Here's what you get!!!!

  • Unlimited access to all of our coached CrossFit classes ($270 value)

  • Coached classes that include a warm up, mobility, strength & WOD (workout of the day)

  • Our coaches are masters at being able to scale every workout so that anyone and everyone can perform each workout safely and effectively. 

  • Custom Nutrition Targets specific to YOU and your goals so you know exactly how to eat to make progress while enjoying foods you love, managing your hunger, and protecting your metabolism  ($200 value)

  •  Custom Progress & Habit Tracker so you can SEE the incredible results you achieve because what gets measured gets managed!       ($50 value)

  •  Weekly Coaching Calls so you can start making progress immediately and continue to make progress throughout the program   ($1000 value)       

  • We cover Mindset Strategies essential for long-term success, how to Master your Metabolism and overcome plateaus, and how to make this a LIFESTYLE rather than a diet. 

  • Group Community -where the magic happens!!! This is where we share wins, cheer each other on, support each other, and stay accountable , AND where you have access to YQL Coaches for questions at ANYTIME       ($500 value)

  • Delicious RECIPES that align with your goals ($50 value)

  •  TOOLS to optimize your success such as Meal Planning, Grocery Guides, Food lists, and more so you KNOW WHAT TO DO!  ($50 value)

  • Early action BONUS - sign up by Sept. 21 - receive a FREE 1 on 1 call with nutrition coach!

TOTAL Value is over $2100 and we are so excited to offer all of this at a fraction of the cost!  $619 + gst


Do you have questions before committing? Contact us now, we are happy to help!

What is the Nourish-U Transformation program?
It is an 8 week group nutrition coaching program that provides you with the tools you need to finally understand how to reach your goals and get lasting results!
Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle gain, improved performance, or how to eat for optimizing energy & vitality... we got you!
If you are tired of jumping from diet to diet, getting inconsistent results that never last, and are ready to FINALLY achieve results FOR GOOD this program is FOR YOU!
robyn 1.jpg

Check out what the Nourish-U program can do for you! YQL Nutrition can teach you all of this in just 8 weeks!

They created this program because the one thing they continue to hear from people the most is they are TIRED of constantly guessing what they should be doing to get results! 

They know it can be overwhelming with all of the conflicting information on what is the "right" way to lose fat or perform the best in your sport!

They are here to show you that you CAN see results without falling victim to the all/nothing mindset, yo-yo dieting, reliance on willpower, and being overly restrictive!

Most programs lack individualization, are NOT based on scientific methods, and instead focus on extreme strategies to get short-term results.

They are also missing two BIG pieces of the transformation puzzle:

1.  How to PRIME your METABOLISM and your MIND to maximize your success

2. How to MAINTAIN your results LONGTERM through a lifestyle-centered approach and the tools to promote a healthy and flexible metabolism

Their program is different

because they teach you how to set yourself up for long term success and how to continue to see results even AFTER the program is over -

this could literally be the last program you ever do!


Before & after.jpg
This is me, Britteny Dick (Co owner of Gas City Crossfit), after working with YQL Nutrition.

I decided to start with YQL Nutrition because I was sick of feeling bloated, tired and not very confident in my self all the time! I felt like I had tried everything and nothing was working for me so that's when I decided to give this a shot. I needed guidance as to what to do with my nutrition. I worked with Robyn from Sept. 2021 to May 2022 and my only regret is that I didn't start sooner! I learned SO much during my experience and overall it completely changed my relationship with food. I no longer have the "all" or "nothing" approach to food. Or that there are "good" foods or "bad" foods. I now feel confident that I can enjoy all the foods I love while still crushing my goals.

By fueling my body properly it has allowed me to feel amazing during my training sessions and during my every day life. The main reason I joined was because I wasn't feeling confident in my own skin anymore since having 2 kids. Now I feel like ME again! I feel like I have control over my body again and have confidently been maintaining it on my own. Working with Robyn and the YQL team was an amazing experience. If you have any questions about the program, ask away! 
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