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Open Gym for current Gas City Crossfit Members

Open gym is included in the Unlimited Monthly Membership Fee. Punch card holders cards will be punched one punch for attending open gym.


The main purpose of Open Gym is to provide members with dedicated times where they can work on their technique and practice skills at their own pace. We strongly believe that attending coached classes provides athletes with better, faster results, and our group programming is planned to ensure your success.  Open Gym hours are NOT for completing a workout. With several classes offered a week, there is ample opportunity for everyone to get in their WODs. Most of us do not need to WOD more, we need to continue to work on skills and address our individual weaknesses.

These classes are directed toward those Gas City CrossFit Members who:

  •  Have paid for individualized programming suited to their specific goals

  •  Would like to come in for a skills only session such as gymnastics or Olympic weightlifting.

  •  Would like to come in for an individual mobility session outside of pre and post workout work.

  •  Would like to do individual strength work.

  •  Have a current, active, Gas City CrossFit membership and have attended classes regularly for at least 3 months.

Open Gym Policies:

1. Open Gym times will be limited to the times listed under schedule so plan accordingly, as unauthorized workouts of any kind are not permitted in the open gym area. Some times are omitted from the open gym schedule due to busy times when we typically have multiple classes going on at once or large classes.

2. Open Gym times will not be coached and are not supervised though there will be GCC staff on site. If you choose to train at these times, you accept responsibility for your own training and safety. Please do not come in and ask the staff for suggestions on what to work on, come prepared with a training plan.

3. If there is a Group Class going on during your session, that class takes precedence over what you may be doing. Please stay out of the way of the class and ensure that you are not utilizing equipment that is needed for the class.

4. Clean up after yourself, period. If you leave bars, bumpers, kettlebells, or any kind of mess out, and it becomes a trend. You will no longer be able to attend open gym.


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